What is the difference between modular and traditional construction?

In a traditional-built building, for example, the walls are framed, balanced with sheets, and anchored on site. However, in the case of a modular building, the entire structure is built entirely in a factory, transported to the facility, and then assembled into a cohesive space. The modular process involves buildings being designed and built off-site, often while the foundations are being placed on the construction site. This gives homeowners the opportunity to occupy their building faster and start operating much sooner than they could if they had gone the traditional route.

A common misconception about modular buildings is that you can avoid the process of applying for and obtaining building permits and inspections. Modular construction is a construction and, just like a traditional on-site project, the traditional process of obtaining permits must be followed. In addition, modular buildings must be constructed to comply with applicable federal and state building codes. It all comes down to the construction sequence and the place of production.

Modular construction is based on site efficiency, as it uses prefabricated sections for a smoother installation. On the contrary, traditional construction occupies each section little by little on the site. This means that modular construction projects end in almost half the time of traditional ones. It's amazing how much time and money you save when you can work on site and in a factory simultaneously without the threat of inclement weather.

Modular construction timelines are often faster than traditional construction timelines, making them more cost-effective. Data shows that teams can complete modular projects 30 to 50% earlier than traditional construction projects. If you have more questions about the modular construction process and how it differs from the standard construction approach, contact an experienced modular construction consultant in your area.

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