What is the definition of traditional construction?

Traditional construction is the way in which building parts are assembled. Traditional construction uses building parts to assemble and construct the building only once on site. Builders build from scratch and foundations, walls, roofs, etc. are created at the construction site.

This means that steps are usually completed one after the other and you can't do too many things at the same time. Traditional construction refers to the methods and techniques used for centuries to build houses and other structures. In the United States, builders sometimes refer to traditional construction methods as “brick and mortar.” Some developers call traditional methods “stick by stick”. This terminology refers to the fact that traditional construction methods, from the initial design to the construction process, are practical.

Traditional construction is characterized from a financial point of view by the most expensive contracts, which can be more expensive than other techniques. This is the result of the project manager's important management and oversight functions, which often include on-site supervision, team coordination, and quality control.

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