What does it mean if a house is stick-built?

Also sometimes referred to as “site-built houses”, houses built with sticks are built on site using tried and true home-building techniques. Each and every component, down to the wood and siding, is brought to the permanent location of the house and the house is built manually. A house built with sticks is a property with a wooden frame, which supports plywood and other building materials. These homes use wood and often have a custom design that allows the owner to customize everything from design to amenities (such as space for a double oven).

Pole construction is a more traditional way of framing a house. Most small or custom builders use this as their preferred way to build their homes, as they tend to build homes that are unique. The ceilings, the floor trusses and all the frames are in fact created on site from individual pieces of wood. Problems, when they arise, can be solved more easily with stick construction than with “engineering”.

The traditional construction of structures for houses is also known as pole construction. This type of house construction is when the house is assembled piece by piece at the place where the house will be occupied. House materials are delivered to the site where they are assembled by a construction team with specialized skills. This type of construction is beneficial when the design of the house presents extensive customization in both the interior and exterior design of the house.

Choosing a house built from sticks can also be a cost-effective option if there are restrictions or limits to installing a modular structure at your site location. Unlike modular, stick-built homes, a prefabricated house generally sits on concrete blocks rather than on a standard foundation or basement.

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