What are the best walls for manufactured homes?

Vinyl on plaster or VOG walls are popular for prefabricated homes because they offer sound insulation and protection from the elements. VOG walls are generally installed on gypsum board, an insulating material that offers higher levels of insulation and moisture resistance than drywall. The most common type of wall used in a prefab home is called vinyl on plaster, or VOG for short. The VOG is a drywall covered with vinyl wrap.

This is a different way of treating drywall compared to drywall glued with adhesive tape, floated and painted with a 26% texture. These vinyl-wrapped drywall is not seamless, but they have a matching vinyl-covered strip of ribbon that covers the seam line. Artificial wood panels are highly weather resistant, making them an ideal material for both interior and exterior walls. They are also very stable over a wide temperature range, making them an ideal material for use in any type of climate.

Artificial wood is also insect-resistant, making it a great choice if you want a home with that traditional wooden cabin look, but without having to deal with termites and other annoying bugs. A very common mistake is to think that this aspect is strictly seen in modular homes, but in every prefabricated house there are taped and textured walls. When considering prefabricated homes and finding the perfect floor plan for you and your family, a critical decision is the type of walls that will be used in your new home.

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