Can Manufactured Homes be Installed in Historic Districts?

The cost of constructing a home on-site has become increasingly expensive, making it difficult or even impossible to build an affordable and basic market in some areas. As a result, the temporary placement of manufactured homes is allowed in any zoning district subject to Level III review. Local governments also often adopt housing codes that regulate the livability and condition of prefabricated houses used as residences. Under the law, local governments can regulate the location, appearance and dimensions of manufactured homes, but they cannot completely exclude them from their zoning jurisdictions.

For example, if a mobile home is removed from land in an area that does not allow mobile homes, the petitioner is entitled to a permit to replace the mobile home within 180 days. Modular homes can be made up of two sections transported to the site in a similar way to a prefabricated house, or of a series of panels or sections of rooms transported in a truck and mounted or joined on site. In one case, the court confirmed a provision that prohibited mobile homes with dimensions smaller than 24 feet × 60 feet in a single-family zoning district. All manufactured homes located in the city must first be certified that they comply with the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards of 1974, U. S.

This definition does not include mobile homes, modular homes, commercial coaches, or recreational vehicles. All prefabricated houses located on individual lots, not including lots in prefabricated house parks, must be class A, of various widths. These restrictions generally apply to factory-built units built in a factory and built according to the uniform national standards for manufactured homes enacted by the United States. In 2000, more than 16 percent of the state's housing units were prefabricated housing (577,323 mobile homes out of a total of 3,523,944 housing units in the state). The court applied the usual definition of mobile homes at the time the pact was executed, and used the dictionary definition of mobile home to refer to a motorhome that is dragged by a truck.

The ordinance prohibited a “mobile home” in a residential zoning district, but allowed the use of “modular and site-built homes of similar dimensions.” This chapter is not intended to address the residential, commercial, or industrial use of manufactured houses in commercial or industrial areas. No recreational vehicle or prefabricated house shall be used as an accessory structure to a residence, or to accommodate the use of residential accessories. In Pasquotank County, the court invalidated an age standard used as the basis for the regulation of manufactured housing.

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