How much does it cost to build a mobile home in arizona?

The article explores the average prices of different types of prefabricated houses, as well as the cost of land. With the state becoming one of the top destinations for retirees, there are plenty of options if you're considering buying a mobile home in Arizona. Well, most banks would think twice when asked to grant a mortgage for a mobile home (they consider mobile homes as personal property, not real estate). And since mobile homes cost less per square foot than homes built with sticks, you can get more space for your money.

As in most states, Arizona requires that a mobile home be titled through the Arizona Department of Transportation website and, if the home has two or more sections, each must have its own title. If the prefab house is located on an isolated property, then the connection could incur a substantial cost. Taxes on manufactured homes vary by state and depending on whether the home is built on land that you own or are renting, such as a mobile home park. If you're buying your mobile home from a dealer, they'll usually handle all of this paperwork for you.

While a manufactured home may cost less than a traditionally built property, that doesn't mean you have to pay for it differently. After leaving the factory, prefab homes are subjected to the same strict construction and safety standards as houses built on-site. The Home Outlet is a mobile home dealer serving Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado with new, high-quality mobile homes for sale. We have selected mobile homes from large factories such as Cavco West, Clayton Homes and Cavco Durango Homes.

Last week, we focused on buying a mobile home in Virginia and this week we continued with a quick guide to buying a mobile home in Arizona. If you don't like mobile home parks, you'll have to buy a separate piece of land (buying land in Phoenix or any other city isn't cheap, you know). The following table describes the average sales price and cost per square foot between new prefab homes and single-family homes built on the site.

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