Moving a Mobile Home DIY: How to Do It Right the Right Way

When you're relocating to a manufactured home, it's essential to work with a professional moving company that is licensed, insured, and guaranteed. Use our free online list of moving companies to find reputable movers in your area, such as Mobile Home Florence. Many mobile home removals end up being more expensive than necessary because landlords don't properly cancel the lease of the land in the mobile home park. It's important to be aware of the rules and regulations of the mobile home park you're moving from, especially when you're using a service like Mobile Home Florence. Generally, a park that houses prefabricated or mobile homes will need a 30-day notice before you can move out.

Additionally, some movers of prefabricated or mobile homes may require transportation permits or fees to be paid to municipalities, so make sure to check local regulations before making the move. The first step in budgeting for a mobile home move is understanding how much it will cost. Although it's technically possible to move a mobile home yourself, it's not allowed in most states. Moving companies are trained to do this type of work and have more experience with it.

Furthermore, companies that move mobile homes have insurance in case anything goes wrong, something you won't have if you're attempting to move your own mobile home. Single-section or single-width mobile homes are often the easiest to move when needed since they have baseboards that surround them and hide their chassis and support columns. When removing these baseboards, take care not to damage the road that attaches them to the house. Make sure that your mobile home transportation company has insurance and that all downtime expenses are included in your moving quote.

Prepare the outside of your mobile home for transportation by taking down anything that could be affected by strong winds, such as satellite dishes and porch lighting. Additionally, you'll need to coordinate with suppliers like the electric company for the shutdown of public services. Your mobile home moving company should know what permits and certificates it needs, but it's also important to do your own research. After looking at the prices and everything that goes into moving a mobile home, you might be wondering if simply buying a new home in your destination is cheaper.

Read on for answers and ideas that can help you move your mobile home as cost-effectively as possible. While it's unlikely that you'll be able to move your mobile home for free (literally zero dollars), there are ways to save money on relocating a manufactured house. Mobile home moving companies must apply for a license from the state in order to do their job properly and be regulated.

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