How do modular homes do in a hurricane?

Strength and Durability Modular homes use 15 to 20 percent more wood in the construction process, allowing them to withstand 175 mph winds with less damage than homes built with sticks. This makes them ideal homes for those who live in hurricane-prone areas, or even in areas known for tornadoes. Modular homes withstand hurricanes and tornadoes well. Research shows that they are even better prepared for storm-related damage than traditional homes because of the way they are built.

As a result, modular homes are likely to survive hurricanes and tornadoes with minimal or no damage. According to FEMA, the leading authority on disaster preparedness, are modular homes safe during a hurricane? The answer is yes. Modular homes are inherently stronger than site-built homes because of the way they're built. Learn why by reading our article on Building Stronger with Modular Construction.

When you choose Carolina Custom Homes, you can design a custom modular home that fits your needs and security concerns. He attributed the building style of modular homes to the fact that module-to-module construction provides an “intrinsically rigid system”. Because custom modular homes are built in a factory, each separate module must have the structural integrity necessary to travel to the construction site. For example, Champion Homes contacted a friend of ours after a natural disaster to check if her house had not suffered any damage.

When creating a modular home, engineers are well aware of the possible problems that may arise when assembling a house in parts. If you're planning to move to or within New Brunswick soon, you might be interested in buying a modular home. However, it may surprise you to learn that already in 1993, following the passage of Hurricane Andrew, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) has repeatedly praised the capacity of custom modular homes and their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. When Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast and homeowners counted the damage, modular homes performed considerably better.

Partnering with leading North Carolina manufacturers and keeping operating expenses low allows us to offer unmatched custom modular homes at an unbeatable price. Most modular home manufacturers don't offer an official warranty against damage caused by hurricanes or tornadoes. We'll also look at some of the benefits of owning a modular home in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. That's why the modular housing industry needs to keep innovating and building homes that can withstand these natural disasters.

In addition to the multiple inspections performed at every step of the manufacturing and construction process, modular homes also undergo the same controls required by state and local regulations. If you're concerned that your modular home will be damaged in a storm, contact the manufacturer and ask them about their policy.

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