How are modular homes attached to the ground?

Modular frame houses have a permanent frame made of steel beams. Unframed modular homes are raised with a transport vehicle crane and placed on a base. Both can be placed on permanent foundations. Cement can be poured directly into the foundation area, but it will need to have a vapor barrier and insulation to help prevent any moisture problems.

When choosing your modular home, you should talk to your home builder about the foundation you want. Once you've installed the foundation of your new modular home, you'll need to think about a few more details to be ready for the delivery of your prefabricated home. Builders of modular homes must also oversee land preparation, hire a crane service, and prepare the area from which the crane can operate. When the time comes to transport the rest of the house, this fortress reinforces the land on which the cranes will rest when they lift the sections of the modular house and place them on the foundations.

Now that you've learned how modular homes are attached to the foundation, you'll want to know the timeline for their completion. Your state agency will need to verify the modular floor plan to ensure that the home is structurally safe. This is where modular home builders, such as Next Modular, can go a long way in providing the information needed to plan accordingly. If the space doesn't give your home enough height, it could also make it prone to termite infestations or the effects of high humidity.

Stone foundations will not be used in modular homes because they have a lot of irregularities that can cause problems in the foundation of the house. Talk to the builder of your modular home to decide the need and the best time for these different drainage solutions. Your property may or may not need all of these features, and modular home builders are also very helpful in advising you on what would be appropriate for your location, so don't hesitate to ask questions. When it comes time to choose your base, information about modular housing alone is not enough for you to make this decision.

When building your modular home, builders will need to comply with all state and local building codes. Here in the Midwest, the two most popular modular home foundations are refurbished mezzanines and basements with poured walls. If you're buying a modular home, you might be curious to know how the house will be attached to the foundation.

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