Do modular homes come with warranties?

Most builders of wooden, paneled, and wooden houses provide the minimum warranty required by law. In most states, this is one year. Most module manufacturers offer an extended warranty, which typically adds a two-year warranty for mechanical systems and a ten-year warranty for structural systems. These extended guarantees express the great confidence that the modular industry places in their homes.

While it's comforting to know that you have this additional insurance, chances are you'll never have a reason to use it for any serious problem. However, you'll almost certainly need modular warranty service coverage for other issues. The construction materials used in prefabricated houses, as well as in site-built houses, require adequate maintenance to extend their lifespan. The owner's manual, which accompanies each new home, explains the proper maintenance requirements.

A brief summary of chapter 10, “Modular Warranty Service” (11 pages) from The Modular Home, by Andrew Gianino, president of The Home Store. Mobile home warranty plans, like “normal” home warranties, work like a safety net by protecting homeowners' budgets from the unforeseen costs of repairing or replacing appliances or systems. For those who live in a mobile or prefabricated home, a mobile home warranty can help cover home systems and appliances in the event of an unexpected breakdown. What sets good companies apart is the extent to which they take full responsibility for correcting modular warranty service problems in their customers' homes.

Each new prefab house includes manuals that provide information on the operation, maintenance, and repair of the home, including the manufacturer's recommended procedures for installation, anchoring, and connecting to on-site utilities. Warranties don't have to be confusing, especially if you have an easy-to-follow guide to what you should know about your prefab and modular home. For a personalized quote from Liberty Home Guard, call 866-452-9107 or fill out the Liberty Home Guard quote form. Most home warranty companies don't cover pre-existing conditions; however, there are some companies, such as First American Home Warranty, that cover items that haven't been improperly installed, modified, or maintained.

A good summary of homeowner responsibilities can be found in a brochure from the National Association of Home Builders titled “Your New Home and How to Care for It.” The perimeter enclosure, when properly installed with adequate ventilation, improves your home's energy efficiency and protects it from the elements. Your mobile home warranty covers all major systems and appliances. Below are the common items that your mobile home warranty should and can cover. In addition to ensuring that your home systems are free of defects, Clayton will repair aesthetic damage or imperfections present at the time of delivery of the home.

Some home warranty companies, such as First American Home Warranty, may offer coverage in the form of basic plans and comprehensive plans. A mobile home warranty offers more than just a discount on service, repair, or replacement in the event that an important element or system in the home fails.

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