Are modular homes prone to mold?

While the reasons have been widely reported, what has not been reported is that the modular construction industry has been plagued by mold and moisture problems, especially in projects located in hot, humid climates, such as the southeastern United States, which are experienced by both wood-framed and steel-framed modular construction units. Mold can be found in surprising places in modular homes, depending on housing delivery conditions and construction history. Lack of insulation: Most mobile homes are not as insulated as conventional homes. This lower R-factor can cause mold growth due to increased humidity levels, especially when outdoor temperatures are higher and air conditioning units work to keep the inside of the house cool.

Whether your home is prefabricated, modular, or built on-site, maintaining the right humidity levels is critical to keeping it in perfect shape. Learn these tips to prevent mold and moisture from accumulating. Humidity in the living spaces of your home has long been listed by a code inspector as a condition that causes a home to not comply with regulations. If you leave your mobile home every day for work and notice that you feel better during the day, this can be a clear indicator that something in your mobile home is causing problems.

X (fed up with mold), who lived for a year in a modular home built new for herself and her husband in Newburgh, New York, contracted a serious illness related to mold. Homes located in a humid or peripheral area must meet certain vapor retarding conditions to prevent excess moisture from entering the home. Driving a modular home on I-84 in New York in a rain of 65 miles per hour or more caused water to penetrate the cavities in the walls and floor of the building and into parts of the interior, in addition to forcing water to enter the walls of the house or to the party or to join the walls of the structure from where it had entered the kitchen cabinets. Notice that there is no cladding or cladding at the gabled ends of the four sections that make up this modular home.

Modular residential home structures include cavities between floors and some walls that an inexperienced inspector may not consider. Many mobile home owners have standing water underneath their mobile homes, causing mold and rot if not remedied immediately and properly. When you're lining your home, provide adequate ventilation by placing the necessary number of vents on each side of the house.

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